What should I do after a hail storm or other damaging storm hits my area?

Inspect the damage. Heavy winds and hail stones of all sizes can cause considerable damage during a storm. Some damage will be apparent, while some damage will be less obvious and not noticeable from the ground. If your landscape sustained damage, there’s a good chance your house did too. If you suspect any damage, call Bachman’s Roofing, we will examine your roof, siding and other exterior surfaces and find the damage caused by the storm.

File an insurance claim and call us to set up an appointment. We are here to make the insurance process as quick and painless as possible. Tell your insurance company that Bachman’s Roofing has permission to act on your behalf and we will handle the headache of the paperwork. We will set up a meeting with your insurance adjuster. Most insurance companies will require verification of the damage before approving the claim. We will be there to discuss the damage to be covered and make sure damage doesn’t go unnoticed. Bachman’s Roofing knows how to help answer any questions from the insurance adjuster. After the adjuster completes the claim estimate, give the estimate to us. Once the claim is approved, we will start the process of getting your home back to normal.

Wrap up the claim. We always want our customers to have stress-free experiences. You have enough to worry about with the hail damage alone. You shouldn’t have to add dealing with your insurance company to your worries. We will be in contact with your insurance company throughout the process. If there are any unexpected additional damage or costs we will relay that information to your insurance company.

Let our family help you restore your family’s home. We’re not storm-chasers, just your local, neighborhood roofing family for over 40 years!

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