Superior Roofing & Remodeling in Lehighton, PA

At Bachman’s Roofing, we understand that your busy schedule can make it difficult for finding not only the time to schedule your roofing and remodeling needs but also finding a company that works best for you. Bachman’s Roofing has been exceeding customer requirements for over 45 years and continues to provide quality services for both residential and commercial establishments in Lehighton, PA.


Luxury Roofing & Remodeling at an Affordable Cost in Lehighton, PA

Bachman’s Roofing has been specializing in a wide range of prestigious building repairs and renovations since its inception. We know that having your home or commercial property in great condition without spending a fortune is important, which is why we are the top chosen roofing company for the job in Lehighton, PA. We are constantly providing the highest quality of customer service when we are called upon and our expertise shines through our professional craftsmanship with every job we take on. Our inventory of substantial materials not only accentuates your property, but offers strong resilience towards fluctuating weather conditions so you can spend more time doing the things you need and spend less time worrying about your property. Trust in Bachman’s Roofing to get the job done efficiently and in a timely manner!


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