Introducing sonnenCore Home Batteries Carried by Bachman’s

Homeowners across the nation are progressively searching for innovative ways to become more environmentally friendly without compromising home exterior aesthetics or overspending on product costs. That’s where Sonnen, the leading provider of clean renewable energy solutions, comes in. 


sonnenCore by Sonnen brings clean, reliable, and affordable energy to everyone, packaged in a neat, compartmentalized home battery. With 24/7 access to stored solar energy, emergency backup power for your home, and optimized for safety performance and quality, bringing clean energy to your home is now possible with Sonnen and Bachman’s. 


We are proud to carry sonnenCore technologies to homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and to supply their homes with dependable energy solutions. 



sonnenCore Home Battery

sonnenCore home battery systems are the latest technologies from Sonnen that are based on ultra-safe, long-lasting lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry. With over a decade of brilliance in developing safe and intelligent home batteries, the sonnenCore introduces an innovative new design that is completely engineered and competitively priced for eco-friendly homeowners


Some of the benefits that sonnenCore home batteries provide include:

  • Compact design, easily storable
  • Durable battery technology for long-lasting solutions
  • Designed for quality and quietness
  • Competitive pricing for the level of product quality
  • Trustworthy product from a trustworthy global experience provider 


Bachman’s Is Your Go-To sonnenCore Provider

Here at Bachman’s, it is important to us to assist our customers with reliable energy solutions that are not only affordable but dependable. Carrying sonnenCore Home Batteries allows us to carry out our mission and best support our customers with their eco-friendly home needs. If you are interested in learning more about the many advantages of sonnenCore Home Batteries, please feel free to contact us today. 


Contact Bachman’s today at 610-678-8004 to set up a free consultation for your next roofing or remodeling project, or continue browsing our website for more information regarding your home improvement needs.