Published on May 17, 2023

Timberline Solar™ by GAF Energy Becomes the World’s Most Awarded Solar Shingle of the Year!

Timberline Solar™ by GAF Energy Becomes the World’s Most Awarded Solar Shingle of the Year!

timberline solarDid you know Bachman’s Roofing was the first to sell and install Timberline Solar™ in the U.S.? As one of the first companies to utilize this product Bachman’s Roofing is on the cunning edge of sustainable technology, with this durable game-changing design by GAF Energy. When it comes to certified Timberline Solar™ contractors, Bachman’s is one in a handful in the Tri-State area! Solar energy has become an affordable and reliable option for homeowners looking to save on their energy bills while protecting the environment. As 2022 came to a close, Timberline Solar™ by GAF Energy became the world’s most awarded solar roofing system, racking up more than 30 honors and awards, earning recognitions from TIME, Popular Science, Good Housekeeping, the National Association of Home Builders, and more.

Bachman’s is a proud installer of Timberline Solar Shingles.

newtown solar roofBachman’s Roofing is not only leading in the solar industry, but we are also leaders in the roofing industry. Our dedication and expertise made us the proud recipient of GAF’s 3-Star President’s Club Award. This award is given to only 34 companies in the United States to acknowledge contractors who represent the “best of the best.” To qualify for such an award, companies must demonstrate exceptional excellence in three key areas: Performance, Reliability, and Service. 

Congratulations to GAF Energy on all the impressive accolades and awards in 2022. Timberline Solar™ has been on the market since January 2022 and continues to impress residential homeowners and contractors alike. We are proud to be partnered with GAF & GAF Energy, the number one roofing & solar roofing manufacturers in the United States! If you need a new roof, an integrated solar system, roof repairs, or emergency services contact Bachman’s today! We have a proven track record of exceptional service for more than 50 years. Find out today why Bachman’s has earned so many honors and certifications when you call us at 1-800-922-5818. We look forward to working with you!