It’s important to have a reliable and stable roof. A solid roof protects you and your family from hazardous weather and the outside world. It’s vital to check your roof for any signs of damage. If you see any of these signs that you need a new roof, then contact Bachman’s Roofing, Building & Remodeling, Inc, right away! 

  • Leaks – This is an obvious sign that something is wrong with your roof. In the spring, summer, and fall, the best way to check for leaks is to check your attic after heavy rainfall. Inspect the roof and see if any water has gotten into your home. Significant leaks usually originate in the attic. During winter, after a snowstorm, it’s a good idea to check the exterior of your roof as well for any ice dams. An ice dam forms when snow on the roof melts and then runs down the eaves and freezes again. An ice dam can weigh down your gutter system and cause it to fail. When the water has no place to go, it ends up in your home. It’s important to get a roof replacement right away if you spot water damage or leaks.
  • Fungal Growth – Common growths include mildew, mold, algae, and moss. Algae typically isn’t an issue in towns in Northeastern, Pennsylvania, like Wernersville. Other fungal growths are a bigger issue. Mold can cause health issues, but luckily, it is easy to identify. Mold appears as black, brown, or dark-green patches. Mold forms from excessive moisture on surfaces that can absorb water like wood and drywall. Moss is a forest-green color and has a fuzzy texture. People like the sight of moss, unlike mold. Moss can be an issue depending on the style of your home, and it can also attract more moisture and set into wood shakes or shingles, causing rot. Mildew is a growth that’s found on wet surfactants. It has a powdery appearance and can be light grey, black, or pink. Mildew is harmful to your health if you are exposed for a long time. Mildew grows in warm, damp environments, like roofs that don’t have proper drainage, and it spreads faster than moss or mold. 
  • Cracks – Wind damage can cause cracked shingles and wood can rot when it’s exposed to moisture for a long period. If there are random cracks or missing shingles, these are signs your roof might need a roof replacement. One way to look for cracks is to go up into your attic and turn off the lights to see if any beams of light stream in. 
  • Sunken Appearance – If your roof is sunken in, it’s time for a replacement. Your roof should be sturdy and not have any sagging at all. 

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