Love your home’s location but have out grown the current space? Have you considered adding an addition? Adding a new room to your home can add the space you need without having to move. Bachman’s remodeling contractors’ team can help craft the perfect new room for your home. Our skilled craftsmen provide design services and help choose the best layout for what you are trying to achieve within the home’s structure.

Room Additions

Getting started with your new addition starts with the goals of your project. Are you looking to add a room or expand the current space? Do you want to build out a space to accommodate the growing family, larger kitchen or just add a hobby room? Whatever your goal is, we can help design that space and accommodate your goal within your projected budget.

A great benefit to having Bachman’s remodeling team complete your addition, is that we provide end to end services from the electrical and plumbing work to HVAC systems and unique smart home features.

We will work with you to maintain a consistent look between your existing home and your new addition. The choice of materials you can use is virtually unlimited, we will help you find the right choice to make it look as if your addition has always been a part of your home.

The Bachman’s Process allows you to stay up to date with each step of the process and we work closely with you to choose every detail down to the cabinet hardware in your new kitchen. Our foremen are trained to ensure you understand where we are at and what’s been completed each step of the way.

Keep that house you’ve made a home and just add a room to accommodate your lifestyle. Rest assured knowing Bachman’s is by your side every step of the way from concept to completion!

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