Have you heard the news? Solar roof panels are the top roof solution for homes looking to invest in a roof that pays for itself! While solar roofing has risen to popularity over the years, the ways in which solar panel roofing has been implemented have since evolved to provide residential homes a roofing system that works best for their properties. Whether you have been contemplating having a solar roof for your home or are unsure of all the advantages that solar roofing can provide, count on our team at Bachman’s Roofing, Building & Remodeling to assist you in your decision-making process! Bachman’s takes great pride in providing homes in Ephrata, PA with the optimal solar roof panel installation that’s guaranteed to offer homes an energy-efficient solution without jeopardizing your property’s aesthetics.


Why Your Home in Ephrata, PA Can Benefit from Solar Roofing with Bachman’s

In the past, solar roofs have been known to create an eyesore due to their bulky, rack mounted nature. At Bachman’s Roofing, Building & Remodeling, we carry the finest solar roof options on the market, changing homeowners’ minds about solar roofing altogether. We proudly install GAF® Solar DecoTech™ Systems that have taken the bulk out of solar roofing and have since incorporated a sleek, low-profile design. Installing solar roof panels on your home provides a wealth of benefits to your property, such as:


  • Upgrades the curb appeal and be the envy of the neighborhood with a roof that looks like a skylight
  • Reduces your electric spending by an average of $588/year
  • The electric supplier pays you for the excess electricity you generate
  • Increases your property resale value 20%   


These high-powered solar panels are integrated into your roof as opposed to nesting on top of your current roof, minimizing the chances of roof leaks in comparison to rack-mounted solar roof options. Bachman’s is the hub for all solar roof solutions and is happy to share that we install SunTegra Solar Roof Systems, the latest in solar roof designs. We’re proud to be a part of the movement that supports environmental efficiency as well as installing solar roof panels that highly benefit homeowners. It’s time to go solar with Bachman’s! 


Interested in Solar Roofing for Your Home in Ephrata, PA? 

Act now and receive a 26% federal tax credit for installing a renewable energy solar system on your home with Bachman’s Roofing, Building & Remodeling! To learn more about solar roofing with Bachman’s or to schedule an appointment with our GAF® Solar DecoTech™ installers, please contact us today or call our company at (610) 678-8004.


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