Published on September 22, 2023

Preserving History at Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse with Bachman’s Roofing

Preserving History at Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse with Bachman’s Roofing

The Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse, a beacon of resilience since 1875, is a testament to enduring craftsmanship. Constructed using a screw pile method, this cottage-like structure rests atop an iron platform securely screwed into the bay, braving the elements year after year. It has remained steadfast through harsh weather and the relentless icy grip of winter.

Notably, the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse holds the distinction of being the last Chesapeake Bay lighthouse to be automated by the Coast Guard, a transition that occurred in 1986. Further underscoring its historical significance, it received the esteemed designation of a National Historic Landmark in 1999. Our team is honored to contribute to its preservation, beginning with a comprehensive roof restoration project.

Recently, our team completed a project in Annapolis, Maryland, one that presented unique challenges due to its remote accessibility solely by boat. Our association with the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse dates back to 2017, marked initially by minor repairs such as postfixes and refurbishing peeling or cracked coatings. This time around, our focus centers on a thorough roof restoration.

Day 1 saw our team set out by boat in the morning, commencing with a thorough surface cleaning of the lighthouse through a comprehensive pressure wash. Post-cleaning, our crew meticulously inspected the structure for areas needing attention before applying the roof coating. As the sun dipped below the horizon, it marked the culmination of a productive day for our dedicated crew.

On Day 2, as the bay bathed in the morning sunlight, our team returned to the lighthouse. Armed with brushes, they began a precise patchwork, addressing the finer details of the structure. After a few hours dedicated to the trickier areas, our team transitioned to applying a special elastomeric paint to cover larger sections. As the sun once again set, our crew headed back to the shore in anticipation of a well-deserved night’s rest.

Day 3 commenced with an early morning boat trip to the lighthouse, where our team undertook the crucial first coating of red paint. This detailed process consumed the majority of the day, ensuring no area was left untouched. With a drying period of 8 hours before the next coat, our team circled back to refine the finer details that required a more defined brush.

On the Final Day, our team set out once more at sunrise to apply the second coat of elastomeric paint. With the paint dried and the lighthouse gleaming, the crew meticulously tidied every nook and cranny, leaving behind only the beautifully restored landmark itself. A profound sense of fulfillment and accomplishment pervaded our team and company as we played our part in preserving a historical beacon that has endured the harshest weather and guided countless souls home since 1875. We are immensely proud to have been a part of this extraordinary project.