10 Signs You Need a Roof Upgrade in 2023

Date: April 7, 2023 - Author: Bachman's

The safety and security of your home starts at the top. When your roof begins to fail, it can be dangerous and unsafe for everything underneath. When an issue does arise, you must address it quickly for the safety of your home and your family. Here are some signs to look out for that could indicate  … Read more

Roof Replacement for a Vietnam Veteran

Date: April 4, 2023 - Author: Bachman's

In April 2023, Bachman’s Roofing, Building & Remodeling Inc. replaced the existing roof of War Veteran, Carl Tatum. Mr. Tatum was a machine gun operator in the Vietnam War and proudly fought for this country. During Carl’s transition to civilian life, he faced many obstacles, both internal and external. Leaving the military can be one  … Read more